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The Drum Cafe are experts in the exciting genre of Fusion/Crossover. We stage performances that are an ultimate meeting between ancient and modern, Western and African. We blend elements from the various African traditional groups and mix genres. As part of the international trend to celebrate cultural diversity, the Drum Café’s Fusion/Crossover blends the ancient forms of performance, the achievements of modern technology and the cultural expression of different traditions. Elements that were previously seen as separate interact and perform in a new “language”, bringing unity in diversity.

Interactive Drumming performances

The result is an eclectic and interesting combination of flavours, tailored to meet your needs. In our custom-made events, we can use or highlight crossover elements.

The Drum Cafe’s top Fusion/ Crossover acts include:

Basadi Le Meropa (“Women of the Drums”). The Drum Cafe’s all-woman drum, dance, song and marimba group. Expect an original blend of the very best in Western and African musical traditions – African djembe drums and traditional marimbas creating trance-like rhythms.

Interactive Drumming performances

The Drum Cafe’s show, “African Rhythms”, which has elements of Fusion and demonstrates both our roots and the modern application of traditional music.


Our new groundbreaking show, “Jozi”, which is a celebration of the multiculturalism and diversity of Johannesburg. The show juxtaposes ancient and modern, Western and African, exploring the evolution from traditional to modern and paying tribute to our ancestors for laying the foundations of music as we know it today.


Dance: Afro-Fusion, Afro-Contemporary, Tapsula, Gumboot Dancing, Tswana Dance.


The Drum Cafe’s World Music, with its ethnic roots and influence of modern musical trends. The Drum Cafe also mixes the music of different countries and cultures, for example, Indian Tabla and Latin Salsa.


Jazz: Afro-Jazz and Latin Jazz Bands. One of our exciting groups, Motswako String Quartet offer a wide repertoire, with a style that blends classical and light classical, African songs, Jazz and modern material.


Combinations of African traditional instruments and Western Folk. The Drum Café’s angelic Western singer/ song-writer Laurie Levine plays Folk Music accompanied by traditional African instruments.


Performances blending cultural elements of the music and dance of the South African traditional groups.


Interactive Drumming performances Interactive Drumming performances

Remember to read about the Drum Cafe’s wide array of performances, includingTraditional Music & Dance, Marimba, Gumboots, Dance, Jazz/World Music, Party Bands, DJs and MCs, Mzantsi Traditional Orchestra, Carnival and Circus Acts and Fusion/Crossover. We can combine our spectacular Mzantsi Traditional Orchestra with a selection of our other performances.

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